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What it will take to re-brand poverty by Greg Spira

The Villages Connected way of re-branding poverty doesn’t happen on its own.  We need you – our supporters and fellow believers in the potential of Africa.  We need you to help us spread the word of this initiative and also to help us set up the media co-op and microfinance loan fund.

Here’s what we had in mind…

Our fundraising plan has two milestones!

Milestone 1: $15,000 – June 1st: Heading to Uganda we need to have raised enough to outfit the media co-op.

Milestone 2: $5000 more! – July 1st, For when Fort Portal’s small businesses are ready to access their microloans.

Why two milestones?  We thought you’d like to get to know the entrepreneurs!  In June we’ll share the media co-op’s first videos, including interviews with them.  Once you too see the potential of their business ideas, we think you’ll want to INCREASE your contribution.

What exactly will the funds be used for?

10 Video cameras <$200 each>

10 Digital cameras <$150 each>

01 Laptop computers <$1000 each>

01 Solar panels <$700 each>

01 Micro projector <$500 each>

02 1TB Harddrives <$150 each>

$5000 for microfinance fund

$9000 for training costs, production costs, travel & housing in Uganda

Help us exceed our goal and the extra will be added to the microfinance fund!

If your contributions don’t pile up as high as we’d hope, the project will still happen!  The media co-op and microfinance fund will still happen – it will just be smaller.  Help us make a bigger impact!

With each new media coop, Villages Connected will repeat the process – equip the media coop, set up the microfinance fund, train more citizen journalists, connect socially responsible businesses and deliver straight to the heart and mind media content. Lets work together and impact 5, 10 even 15 communities in the coming years.

Sharing our approach to re-branding poverty

If we want to re-brand poverty, it’s going to take more people than just us. We need to share our vision with as many people as we can.  That’s where you come in!

There are 40 000 people living in Fort Portal. We want to see how fast we can have 40 000 people support this innovative community.  So, help us match the number of people in Fort Portal! Help us reach 40 000 likes on Facebook!

Villages Connected will be posting updates, snap shots and bits of video from Fort Portal as the project gets underway.

So, follow along and share the stories produced by the media co-op!

Most importantly, spread our “Unlocking Potential – Re-branding Poverty” fundraising campaign to your friends and family.  Here’s how you can help us do this:

Like the Villages Connected page on Facebook

Share our news with your friends on Facebook.

Use’s “Share” buttons.

Retweet our “It’s time to re-brand poverty” launch message on Twitter

Subscribe to the Villages Connected blog

We can’t do this without you. So please contribute to our campaign and share this re-branding of poverty!


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