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First 5 media co-op member introductions by Caroline Spira
June 13, 2011, 11:50 am
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Here are the first 5 self-introductions of the Villages Connected Fort Portal media co-op members.  They are an amazing group of dynamic and strong community advocates.  Only a week or so into the training, the co-op members are still learning the ropes of photography and shooting video – including getting over camera shyness!

Watch Joyce, 19, Stella, 19, and Sister Angella, 26 in this short 2-minute video, then read about Gilbert, 23 and Geoffrey, 29.


I am Gilbert of the mutooro tribe and a resident of Fort Portal Municipality.  I completed my high school education in 2010 and am now out of school.  As a youth myself, I mobilized my fellow youth and started a small entrepreneurial decorating business with the little capital we had.  We are now 10 in number struggling to ensure our project grows big to employ more youth outside.

About my community – Fort Portal, the pearl of Africa – it is a community of humble people who are economically poor but resilient.  Being part of Villages Connected will help us to acquire knowledge about media, business marketing and innovative opportunities among others.  These will help us develop ourselves and our community.  Lastly, I hope to meet many people and share experiences and in the process, I hope to get more friends with whom I think we shall unite together and work for the best of our community.


I am a highly motivated humble young man holding a Bachelor and Masters in Business Administration (Finance), currently a lecturer and the coordinator of Mountains of the Moon University banking and microfinance program.  I have a strong passion for community service and this is the reason why I have developed a strong desire over time to contribute to community development by improving financial literacy and accessibility.

Uganda is a lovely country endowed with natural resources; we welcome partners in development to fight our common enemy “Mr Poverty”.  As a microfinance teacher and researcher, blending media and marketing into microfinance is a very good new innovation that is currently missing in microfinance, and yet it is one tool that can enhance microfinance performance in rural communities in Uganda.  Come join hands to create a better world to live in.


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Just to say I am impressed by the caliber of people that are interested in your project and are already in your media co-op training group. They seem to be very community conscious people who will use the training and equipment responsibly.

Comment by toortjie

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