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Next 5 media co-op member introductions by Caroline Spira

We are continuing with the personal introduction of the Fort Portal media co-op members, using mixed media of video and photographs.  This time we are pleased to introduce you to Annet, 32, Best, 19, Lawrence, 25, Peter, 30 and Prisca, 19.

The next 10 introductions are to follow in the days ahead.


I am by the name of Best.  I am 19 years old and a student at St. Maria Goretti Senior Secondary School.  I would like to be a journalist, actress and a musician in the future.

Participating in Villages Connected media project is important to me because I can make skits that are educative –  for instance about fighting against poverty, fighting against HIV-AIDS, among others.  I can help the youth like me and can learn how to use cameras.  As the whole world could be watching me, I could be playing a skit, for instance about immorality – which is around the world – and people could learn from it.  I would be the most happiest in that they are watching me this way around the world.


My name is Prisca.  I am munyoro by tribe, living in Hoima district and pursuing a bachelors degree in banking and development finance at Mountains of the Moon University.  I am an orphan of both parents, and the second of four girls.  I want to improve on the standards of my community whereby I can stand out in a crowd to represent the many that may lack various skills or air out problems affecting my community that have not been heard by our leaders and also provide solutions for them.

I want people to know that HIV-AIDS is real and it has no cure so we should take all possible measures to guard themselves.  I want to caution people to work hard for a living and start with the small they have for a better living.  I caution parents to take their children to schools and provide them with their needs.  I also want to inform orphans out there to lets work hard.  God will be on our side and we shall succeed in our endeavours.


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