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Villages Connected Fort Portal Response to Kony 2012 by Caroline Spira

It’s impossible to think of anyone not having a reaction to the Kony 2012 campaign. Indeed, we have written about it after many discussions between our board, staff and media co-op members.

One of our goals is to create media that matters – media that is at once positive, compelling and authentic; media that shares our values as interconnected humans. The missing piece in the story of powerful media has been the voices of people who must now live with the representation decided upon by others. It is time to let those voices tell the story.

Last week, members of the Villages Connected Fort Portal media co-op in Uganda came together to watch the Kony 2012 video and then turned the cameras on themselves to capture their discussion to share this with the world.

No frills, no hype, no hidden agenda. What you get is their reactions and personal opinions – their voices finally heard as the world turns their eyes upon their country. There is a clear message about the current situation in the country, the present focus and the desire for a more prosperous future.

This is media that matters.


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I watched the video. You say this is the opinion of the people of Uganda, but all I see is the opinion of young men. What is the opinion of women and more mature people?

Comment by Erin Maloney

Let me restate this for clarity: the video is about the opinion of some members of the Villages Connected Fort Portal media co-op – not of “the people of Uganda”. And though there are quite a few women and girls who are active co-op members, none of them were available on the day of shooting. Sometimes practicalities prevent gender balance. Perhaps another issue will bring these members to the forefront.

Comment by Caroline Spira

the two are kinda related

Comment by james

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